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Principals Report to the Sutton Parent and Citizens Association 13th September 2018

Queanbeyan Schools Visit - Johanna Bradley

Meeting with Department of Education - Johanna Bradley 

School Masterplan Draft  

The Sutton Public School Parents and Citizens Association Inc.  "the P&C"   is an active group of parents, carers and interested citizens committed to supporting Sutton Primary School Students. Working together with the school Principal and staff, the P&C strive to enhance the learning and social environment for all students at Sutton Public School.

The Sutton P&C supports and serves the School in various social, fundraising and practical ways. Its activities include fostering community spirit through social events and raising funds for purchases that benefit all students. Many parents gain a sense of deep satisfaction from making a valuable contribution to the School through their involvement in the P&C. Other benefits include building enduring friendships, maintaining strong links with the whole school community, and as a result, building interest and collaboration in school life and activities.

P&C Executive Committee for 2018

President: Johanna Bradley

Vice President: Louise Griffiths

Vice President: Sarah Avarkian

Secretary: Ros Karl

Treasurer: Elliott Davis

Communications: Emma Auzins

Fundraising: TBA

Canteen Coordinator: Ros Karl

All parents and carers are welcome to attend meetings or have their say by raising any views or concerns with one of the P&C office holders. You can contact the P&C by email at

Meetings are held twice per term at 7pm in the School Staff Room.  The meetings are attended by a member of the school staff and by the Principal. At each meeting a report is presented by the Principal on major activities that have occurred, or are planned to occur in the near future.  Reports are also submitted from various P&C Committee Members and Coordinators.  Matters relating to education and organisation are discussed and decisions are made on how P&C funds are to be spent.

We encourage all parents and carers to become a member of the Sutton Public School P&C Inc. Since our Incorporation, anyone wishing to vote at a P&C meeting must become a Financial Member of the P&C.  Membership is only $1. The Membership Register is updated after each general meeting, so new members will be eligible to vote at the next meeting after the one in which their membership is paid.

We encourage you to come along and be involved in your child's learning journey through Sutton Primary School.